HIK Vision

2019 AI Cloud Conference

Future+, in collaboration with Pico, worked together with HIK Vision to host an AI cloud ecological international summit, gathering over 2,000 industry professionals from around the world.


On March 29, 2019, HIK Vision held the 2019 AI cloud ecological conference in Hangzhou’s Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. Under the theme of "数据智能, AI智赋", the event brought together domestic and foreign experts, government agencies, and industry giants to discuss the development of artificial intelligence and big data in various industries, and new opportunities in the digital economy.


Building around the concept of the smart city, and the slogan “数聚城智-云泽万物”, the event outlined the pillars of the connected future, 智-启万物, 智-见万物, 智-理万物, 智-赋万物, promoting the open distribution of information as well as an open mind.

Featured Speaker

Pu Shi Liang

Vice President, HIK Vision