BiliBili 2019 - 2020 New IP launch TVC

Future+ helped created 3 films for the “MADE BY BILIBILI” event, featuring 2019 Chinese talk show sensation Kamu introducing all the new BiliBili IPs launching in 2019. The films combined fast, frantic editing with “glitchy” graphics to compliment Kamu’s unique personality and hip-hop speaking style.


Made By Bilibili 2019 Opening Video

We created the intro video for the 2019 “MADE BY BILIBILI” Conference, taking the audience on a journey into the computer screen to showcase all the exciting content arriving on the platform in the coming year.


Three Body Problem Intro Animation

To announce an animated adaptation of one of the largest IPs in China, BiliBili looked to Future+ to create a trailer to give proper emphasis to the biggest announcement at their “MADE BY BILIBILI” event.