The 33rd Golden Rooster Film Festival Director’s Night Gala Dinner

Announcing BILIBILI's entry into film and celebrating the Chinese film industry's biggest night of the year in the historic city of Xiamen.


To announce the streaming platform's first foray into film, BILIBILI collaborated with the Golden Rooster Film Festival to host a gala dinner gathering notable directors, producers, and actors from across the Chinese film industry.

Future+ worked with the brand to create a memorable experience mirroring the architecture and traditions of the ancient city of Xiamen. Utilizing decorative plants and stones, as well as a “river” of LED lights, we created a miniature version of the traditional “Shang-ssu” festival as the centerpiece of the dining experience. Our guests were also treated to customized dinner menus and utensils, as well as a personalized set of BILIBILI “blessings” for our VIP guests.


Our main stage was built around the key visual of ’祝’, or ‘Cheers’ in Chinese, wishing our guests good fortune in the upcoming award show. Recognizable features from the facade of Xiamen’s ancestral temple were built into the stage construction, augmented by a modern lounge embodying the ‘universe’ of BILIBILI works. Future+ also custom-designed a tent to house the entire venue, reinforced to deflect Xiamen’s famously strong winds.


Haotian Zhu