SPACE Staycation

Future+ worked with boutique fitness studio SPACE and its brand partners lululemon, Mercedes-Benz, and Zwilling to produce an one-of-a-kind event promoting health and mindfulness, featuring seminars and classes from world-class experts.


SPACE looked to present a urban leisure concept for professionals who want to take a vacation but for one reason or another cannot travel. Working with its partners Mercedes-Benz and lululemon, SPACE worked to represent a vibrant women’s fitness community in China.


Together with Mercedes-Benz, lululemon, and Zwilling, SPACE held the first Staycation event at the Middle House Hotel. The event invited an array of guests from the fitness, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty industries to participate in a series of workshops focused on healthy experiences. The event featured Andrea Rogers, world-famous personal trainer and founder of Barre, a new type of fitness which combines Ballet and Pilates. She hosted a workshop seminar with our guests, providing an engaging high-quality fitness experience.

featured guest

Andrea Rogers

Fitness Guru